Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a couple of things I’ve learnt over the last few weeks.

1. Walking in LATE into a seminar with the room full of your professors is NOT a good idea.

2. Having an easy week in an honours = 3 x uber busy weeks.

3. Subjects in your study will either bring you great joy or great pain.

4. You can make subjects do almost anything, so long as you make it seem as if it were of great scientific importance. E.g. jump up and down waving their arms in the air.

5. The only time when it is acceptable / appropriate to go down on one knee in front of another guy is when you’re attempting to draw more blood from his finger.

6. The guy hot-cool hypothesis: It is almost always okay to say that what a guy does or looks like is cool. Does not matter whether it is about an stunt or by way of reassuring a friend with a particularly bad dress sense. Hot is always and only reserved for women. The reversal of this can result in very awkward conversation.

7. I really like smoked salmon.

8. 1 adult male Jonathan can consume up to 2% his own body weight in fried bee hoon with Sambal in a single day.

9. Ravi Zacharias inspires me, Carson teaches me, Joyce Meyer infuriates me and psychology enthrals me.

10. Schwinn may be a crappy brand of road bikes but if moves when I touch it what more could a man ask for?

11. Oil burns hurt. REALLY hurt.

12. Feeding your sheep does not mean you can not feed off them.

13. Want to improve your brain capacity? I attended a neuro-ethics seminar and it would appear that will be growth in certain brain regions if you:
- Eat fish
- Cycle
- Juggle
As such, I highly recommended cycling whilst juggling and eating fish for maximum effect.

That is all.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Now that its been more than 6 months I suppose it wouldn't seem too self-indulgent to post this link.


That is all.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A visit from the self-esteem fairy

Today something extraordinarily happened, one of my supervisors said the three magical words that every honours student dream of hearing. They spend nights, nay, weeks preparing, reading through mountains of papers in the vain hopes that their sup might utter the words:

“Jonathan is right” (well technically it should be "_____ is right" but still...).

Actually it was mentioned 3 times, albeit the sup meant it in context and it was followed by "in saying that..." but still I get my victories where ever I can get them.

It’s not so much an ego boost but that in so much as my sup is a powerhouse, it does help me feel that I made a point (or three) that contributed to the discussion in a meaningful way. Not that I assume that they know everything and they aren’t human (though they at times can seem to border along the lines of the divine). Not that I’m a complete ditz but that I can maybe MAYBE in the future try and attempt to do the kind of high level research that they do.

Of course that isn’t the only thing the self-esteem fairy brought me today. She also left in my inbox a softcopy of the Temasek Polytechnic media release. I’ve collected about 5 of these and every one of them have been dropped into my inbox at just the right time. Why would I want to collect all of these? I don’t want to toot my own horn directly so just go google it.

Also, just so everyone knows I took the NPI (Narcissistic Personality Inventory)which is a tool used by psychology to measure the level of narcissism in someone. How do I break this to you? Hmm... Most people score about 12 to 15, Celebrities score about 18. Narcissists score over 20. I scored 30.

That is all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word has reached me that I have not updated in a little while. So they say.
There are plenty of things I could update you on, my fancy laptop, my honours year life, my honours project (you’d have to severely drug or ply me with alcohol to make me reveal anything about that…) but I think today children, I will tell you the story of Tantalus.

Tantalus was a bad man, a very bad man. He was a ruler of some city back-in-the-day back when people thought remembering the names of such cities was important. He was a very fortunate man who had the favour of the gods in Olympus. The great pagan false god Sam (read: Zeus) offered him a place at his table. Tantalus repaid this great honour by stealing the food of the gods, a delicacy reserved only for the divine: sour cream and bacon potato chips (read: ambrosia).

Stealing from divine beings with the power and temperament to turn him into a misshapen creature of legend was not the only thing our thrill seeking friend Tantalus was famous for (yes I ended on a preposition but I do not care). Our friend Tantalus had other accomplishments under his belt. For instance, he also had cause to kill his son and serve him (Tantalus’s son) as stew for his guests. He had a very good reason to do so: 1) he was clearly a mentally unsound fanatic pagan 2) the aforementioned guests were the gods of Olympus 3) did I mention he was mentally unsound?

But the gods knew of his perverse plan and whilst they might condone sleeping with their siblings or for that matter anyone, thing or creature that took their fancy AND wrecking the lives of mortals for their selfish gain; the one they could not bring themselves to condone was eating stew that was cooked out of dedication them, especially if it is out of fanatical devotion to them. The only god or rather goddess that tasted stew (tasted as in ate the entire shoulder of the delicious and tender boy) was Demeter who was at that time like any mother, distraught that her daughter could do better than her current choice of significant other. You see, Persephone was technically married to or at the very least spending a lot of suspicious unsupervised time with her uncle Hades (not that I think she really should be bother THAT much with this intra-fam union since Sam, Demeter’s brother was also Persephone’s father).

To cut a very long and boring story short, Tantalus was punished by the gods (gee… whodathunk?) and placed in an awkward position by all of them. After they had their fun: he was to stand in a pool of water with the branches of a fruit tree extended overhead. Whenever he reached up to the branches in an attempt to obtain nourishment, the low hanging branches would raise themselves just out of his reach and whenever he bent low in attempt to obtain moisture, the cool waters would recede. That children is why my laptop is named Tantalus.

I notice quizzical looks on your faces…

Fine. The direct lackluster version then. Philistines. The reason why I named my laptop Tantalus is because while my laptop is the sexiest beast alive in my house (and I would argue in the greater eastern Brisbane region) it serves as my slave not master. However, much it can display videos and games in 3D have the processing power to hack into most super computers AND still have enough power left to surf several porn sites at once; I must remember that its abilities will always be there as a tantalization. It tempts, seduces and promises much but at the end of the day, can never deliver that which truly satisfies i.e. a 1st class honours without sleeping with any of the academic staff. That is why my laptop is named Tantalus.

That is all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So it has been a while since I last blogged. So where should we start? My exams SUCKED, my first chemistry paper I took in a semi dazed state because my body had been ravaged by two infections with a swelling in my face and a sore throat no man should ever have to endure. My two psych exams were ok (the infection had subsided) but the last quantum chemistry paper was quite inhumane for someone who doesn’t even know how to spell p.h.y.s.i.c.s and m.a.t.h.s.

My results were not exactly stellar but praise God they were much better than what I was expecting (I really was just expecting a pass for the chemistry subjects) and I still got the dean’s commendation as well as a letter of commendation letters from both faculties. Praise God. But this semester has really shown to me that I really don’t want to do chemistry in the long run. Chemistry in its purest form is fun, engaging and provides me with a fascination that borders on the erotic but really, all the physics and maths is a turn off. I would be better at it if I spent more time with it but I simply don’t have to time being torn between two disciplines.
So I’ve decided to pursue psychology instead. That being said I am happy to announce that after intense negotiations with my financial backers (aka Mother and Father) I will on continuing on to do an honours year in psychology. This means that:

1. I will be returning at the end of this year instead of having a graduation trip around Australia
2. Hopefully I will be riding out the worst of the economic crisis
3. I will be interning at MCYS in an attempt to bolster my resume
4. I will able to guest star in the up and coming ypm camp
5. You all will have the awesome privilege my presence for 3 months
6. I will desperately have to lose weight if I want to fit into a regular economy seat on the plane back.
7. I may have a chance to do a doctorate in psychology if the right scholarships present itself.

My holidays have been quite uneventful. But I have come to realise that I really am not an adventurous person. I really can’t say I want to climb every mountain or ford every stream. I do want to sit down have a nice cup of coffee and engage myself with a book or an interesting conversation. That being said, I realise I have developed great distaste for instances where people try and impress you with facts that seem like they got it from a primary school kid’s textbook. For example when you mention you use silk boxers and they say: “ oh did you know that silk comes from silkworms?”. Or when you mention you’re eating pasta they go “ but pasta really is just noodles since marco polo brought them from China”. I don’t mind the facts if they were coming from a 7 year old still fascinated by world but from a university student, I’d expect more. Maybe it’s also because I feel insulted that they’d think I wouldn’t know about that very general bit of knowledge or worse if they pontificate as if they know everything about the subject. When in fact and is usually the case that I not only know more (about say noodles) but am better able to communicate it. Maybe it’s intellectual pride, maybe it’s because it makes they dreadful bores but I wonder should I correct my attitude or just smile and seem absolutely delighted in what they have to say?

Jonathan’s Gem (After bending down while wearing a loose tberms much to the horror of his friends sitting behind) “ Well why are you still sitting down? Aren’t you supposed to get up at the crack of Jon?”

That is all

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gah one last one...

Which Disney Villain Are You?

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Interesting... I was actually hoping for klause for american dad and Chandler for friends but when i read the description i thought haha who am I kidding? especially monica's...

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dbz test

Was bored with assignment....
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Urahara Kisuke
Yamamoto-Genryūsai Shigekuni
Kuchiki Rukia
Shihōin Yoruichi
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Which Bleach Character are you?
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are easy chemistry courses and there are those that tempt you to sacrifice a slightly paranoid goat to your professor in hopes that he will be appeased thereby magically transforming physical chemistry into an easy subject by say giving us the exam answers. My physical/quantum chemistry professor maybe a genius, well connected (he knows THE Peter Atkins), funny, low in fat, high in fibre, fight crime by night, gives alms to needy extraterrestrials and walks on water, but teaching physical chemistry to someone like me that abhors maths is just beyond his abilities.

So here I am at 4:04pm in the chemistry lab rushing another report. Only now I don’t feel that same urgency and anxiety that is normally associated with writing physical chemistry reports, peptic ulcers or anthropomorphic purple dinosaurs. Why? Because I’ve been granted a one week extension for my report by my tutor, who has just informed me that in light of the confusion associated with the non-teaching week, he’s not going to mark my report late and as such I will now attempt to engage my blog readers in a riveting rant about my ardent support for inflatable marital aids.

No really, I was just thinking recently whatever happened to Lamb Chop’s play along? Where kids come to play along and fun things are all we ever do. Come to think of it Lamb Chop was what ultimately inspired my sister and me to create Lambo the pre-incarnation of the modern day Chicken Mcduckie. Of course when my voice broke it was only my sister that could voice Lambo or Chicken. For those of you not in the know, I have a very sad and weird mode of communication with my sister; that is through a plush toy chick called Chicken. Creative aren’t we? But do not despise our use of a plush toy to communicate, Chicken has served as a bridge to apologise to each other, cheer one another up and amuse/torture my brother-in-law to no end.

I see now that the lab technician is eyeing me suspiciously, it maybe because he can leave early if there’s no one left in that lab. I shall take it as a divine sign that I should leave for my next class. But before I must express my loyalties to Lamb Chop play along and how I sorely wish that they would release it on DVD so that someone may up load it as a torrent for me to download I may purchase it through the proper legal channels and prosper the big media organisations even if it costs me half my liver. May the government’s internet piracy watch dogs live forever.
That is all.

Jonathan’s Gem

“Of course I know where Hebrews is... (flips to the front of the Bible)”

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