Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a couple of things I’ve learnt over the last few weeks.

1. Walking in LATE into a seminar with the room full of your professors is NOT a good idea.

2. Having an easy week in an honours = 3 x uber busy weeks.

3. Subjects in your study will either bring you great joy or great pain.

4. You can make subjects do almost anything, so long as you make it seem as if it were of great scientific importance. E.g. jump up and down waving their arms in the air.

5. The only time when it is acceptable / appropriate to go down on one knee in front of another guy is when you’re attempting to draw more blood from his finger.

6. The guy hot-cool hypothesis: It is almost always okay to say that what a guy does or looks like is cool. Does not matter whether it is about an stunt or by way of reassuring a friend with a particularly bad dress sense. Hot is always and only reserved for women. The reversal of this can result in very awkward conversation.

7. I really like smoked salmon.

8. 1 adult male Jonathan can consume up to 2% his own body weight in fried bee hoon with Sambal in a single day.

9. Ravi Zacharias inspires me, Carson teaches me, Joyce Meyer infuriates me and psychology enthrals me.

10. Schwinn may be a crappy brand of road bikes but if moves when I touch it what more could a man ask for?

11. Oil burns hurt. REALLY hurt.

12. Feeding your sheep does not mean you can not feed off them.

13. Want to improve your brain capacity? I attended a neuro-ethics seminar and it would appear that will be growth in certain brain regions if you:
- Eat fish
- Cycle
- Juggle
As such, I highly recommended cycling whilst juggling and eating fish for maximum effect.

That is all.

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